Jazz au théatre

The luthiers are an important part of the festival’s soul and we want to pay tribute to those who came to previous editions because they have given a strong and sincere support to the festival for 50 years!

Since I am a guitar player first, I can understand the various needs of a musician; that’s why each one of my guitars is customizable both from the point of view of the playability and the exterior look. This is because I think that the musician has not to adapt to the instrument, but the instrument has to meet the needs of the guitar player.

Besides bringing something apparently dead – the wood – back to life, I believe that the most beautiful thing about building guitars is the fact that I use different kind of woods coming from all over the world, each one with its own special tone and exterior features. It is like joining together different peoples with different colors and languages and getting them speak all together a unique language: the language of music.

Via XXIV Maggio, 33/ 31027 Spresiano-TV Italie – +39 (0) 348 0424 03 – info@maurofreschiguitars.com www.maurofreschiguitars.com

This self-taught guitar enthusiast since his teenage years, finally decides after a busy career in multinational companies to devote himself to violin making by opening his family workshop in Madrid 22 years ago. Specialized in the manufacture of classical guitars and flamencas, with the experience gained over the years, this craftsman decides to diversify his production. After having restored an original Selmer (the SELMER 452) about fifteen years ago, he began to build gypsy guitars. By constantly working, in close collaboration with the musicians, Geronimo manages to give a unique stamp and personality to each guitar.

His workshop offers a range of guitars of good quality at reasonable prices. Investing its energy to combine tradition and innovation to satisfy guitarists, professionals and amateurs, looking for something that would not be found in industrial manufacturing. Geronimo Mateos today ensures the future brand of the workshop and the transmission of all his knowledge to his son, Federico Mateos.

C/ Las Zarzas 9 – 28860, Paracuellos del Jarama, Madrid – Tel:+34 609 07 08 48 (Gerónimo) – +34 650 97 00 02 ( Federico)) – Email: luthier@geronimomateos.com

Luthier located in Villejuif, France, since 2009, Mathias Caron manufactures several styles of custom instruments, repairs and restores artisanal (guitars, cuatros, cajons) according to the desire of the musicians: nobody has the same sensitivity, the same ears and the same hands.

70 avenue du Président Allende, 94800 Villejuif, France – (+33) 06 74 64 30 79 – mathias.caron@lutheriecaron.fr

In order to flourish in the guitar field that has been his passion for a long time, he takes the initiative to invest in his new career as a guitar maker. During his reconversion, he meets Thierry Carel who, at that time, manufactured electric guitars and basses. At home, for a while, he explains the reality of things, the difficulties of the business: the competition with Asian countries, etc. Then, he returned to I.T.E.E.M at Le Mans, he learned to repair and maintain guitars. At the same time, he made a small folk guitar. He knew deep down that he would do no more than that: make acoustic guitars.

The luthier Leo Eimers specializes in the construction and restoration of Selmer / Maccaferri style guitars. His workshop is located in the city of Almere in the Netherlands. All guitars are made by Leo’s hands and in a traditional way. His guitars have been sold in 35 countries around the world. The greatest gypsy jazz guitarists have been using his guitars like Stochelo Rosenberg, Boulou and Elios Ferré, Wawau Adler, Robin Nolan, Biel Ballester, Salvatore Russo and many more! Besides building new guitars Leo is also specialized in the restoration of vintage guitars like Selmer, Favino and Busato. He relies on the experience of restoring these models, for his own instruments to find an authentic and unique sound. Leo runs his studio alone. If you contact Eimers guitars by e-mail or telephone, you will be sure to talk to the person who will actually build your guitar, Leo Eimers. All parts of the guitar are built from A to Z. This allows you, as a customer, to choose your personal preferences for the choice of wood, width and shape, materials and finishes. Each guitar is unique. This personal approach is Leo’s signature for a high quality gypsy jazz guitar.

Eimers Guitars – Fioringrasstraat 13-15 – 1313 LB  Almere – The Netherlands – Phone: 031 (0) 36 534 4808  – E-mail: info @ eimersguitars . com

These guitars are the result of a constant search of quality. The woods used, such as spruce, red cedar, maple, rosewood or koa, are carefully chosen for their sound and aesthetic characteristics. By listening to the requirements of professional and amateur musicians, Maurice’s goal is to create a wide range of instruments according to each musical style, from classical to electric, from jazz to folk.


A profound and professional long-term education; 30 years of experience in construction, designing and development of high-quality, handcrafted instruments; more than 60 years aged, naturally dried finest tonewoods; highest quality standards of craftsmanship and many years experience as a guitarist on stage.- These are the ingredients for Hahl Masterbuilt Guitars-

Stefan Hahl is always in close contact with the musicians in order to realize the best possible instrument for them and with them.

Professional and amateur guitar players around the world rely on his instruments to express their art. Musicians such as Biréli Lagrène, Stochelo Rosenberg, Dorado, Amati and Samson Schmitt, Gismo and Joschi Graf are some of the guitarists who have been playing Hahl guitars for many years out of conviction.

Each instrument is unique and handcrafted by Stefan Hahl himself.

Here at the festival and a few days before at the campsite in Samoreau, you will have the opportunity for a personal guitar talk and to try out his instruments in a beautiful setting.

Welcome to “The Art Of Lutherie” See you at the festival!

Stefan Hahl, maître luthier – Taunusblick 1, D- 65623 Mudershausen, Allemagne – info@hahl-guitars.com –  +49 [0] 64 30- 64 76

For each music, for each ear, for each feel, is a suitable guitar. The youngest guitar-maker of France will have the pleasure to present his work to you, and maybe to give you some advice about your own guitar.

14, rue des Paquis 55000 Bar-Le-Duc     –    Mobile : +33 (0) 6 79 46 84 85     –    jordanwencek@hotmail.fr