Jazz au théatre


Prairie du bois d’Hyver

Parc du château de Fontainebleau

CMDL students & Fiona Monbet pay an homage to Didier

4:00 PM

Auxane Cartingy : Keys
Oscar Siffrit : guitare
Maxime Degery : saxophone
Arthur Hennebique : doublebass
Nicolas Charlier : drums
Fiona Monbet : violin
David Enhco : Trumpet

The passing of famous violonist Didier Lockwood on February 18th 2018 shocked and overwhelmed the world of music, especially the world of jazz music . This edition of the Django Reinhardt festival will be a tribute to this jazz musician, who is considered as one of the symbolic figures of the festival. And what better homage than a concert performed by the students that were shaped in his school (the CMDL) ? For this occasion, the talentuous Fiona Monbet and David Encho, both former students of Didier Lockwood, will join with them. Fiona was considered by him as the future of French jazz violon and stands out for its improvisation, versatility and lyricism. David Encho, is the most promising trumpet player and composer of the jazz scene and delivers brilliantly a deep music. 

© Laurent Ripoll (Fiona Monbet)  

© Tom Maurer  (Gismo Trio)  

Gismo Graf – Amati Schmitt – Brady Winterstein Quintet

5:00 PM

Gismo Graf : solo guitar        
Amati Schmitt : solo guitar     
Brady Winterstein : solo guitar           
Joschi Graf : guitare rythmique          
Joel Locher : doublebass        

Gismo Graf, Amati Schmitt and Brady Winterstein are the new French talents of gypsy jazz. Their new project is a must-hear. You will be delightedly surprised by the skilled technic, the virtuosity, the rhythmical accuracy and the charisma of their performance. Let them take you to a journey through Django Reinhardt’s world, on the wings of gypsy jazz music brighten up with pop, bossa nova and swing. A treat for both eyes and ears !


6:30 PM

Subject to modifications :
Marcus Miller : bass & bass clarinet  

Brett William : keyboards       
Alex Bailey : drums   
Russel Gunn : trumpet           
Alex Han : saxophone

Marcus Miller’s personal record: two Grammy Awards,  an “Edison Award for Lifetime achievement in Jazz”’s , a “Victoire du Jazz” for his whole French career. The man is one of a kind: an outstanding double bass and bass clarinet player, a talented composer and producer who, in 1986, propelled  Miles Davis back under the limelight with his momentous album Tutu. Seven years later, Miller’s career as a bass player was launched under his own name with his album The Sun Don’t Lie. For 25 years now, the luminaries of jazz and pop music have fawned over this young versatile artist. He is currently watching over Alex Han’s career (AFRODEEZIA), his saxophone player whose first recording – Spirit-he has recently produced. Laid Back,  his 23rd album, simply proves that jazz is alive and kicking.

New Album : Laid Back (2018) 

© Ingrid Hertfelder

© Christophe Torre


Instrument makers’ Stage

8:00 PM

Dan Gharibian : vocal and guitar
Benoit Convert : guitar
Antoine Girard : accordion

Dan Gharibian Trio: the only professional and renowned group on instrument makers’ stage. Dan Gharibian was the leader, guitarist and singer of Bratsch, a pioneering group of gypsy music of the 70s! He returns with a new trio with the guitarist Benoit Convert and accordionist Antoine Girard, two gypsy jazz figures. With his hoarse and charismatic voice, he makes you travel through Gypsy ballads, Armenian songs and Greek blues!

New Album : Affamés d’éphémère (out in 2018)


9:00 PM

Subject to modifications :
Michael League : bass
Larnell Lewis : drums
Nate Werth : percussion
Bob Lanzetti : guitar
Shaun Martin : keyboards
Bill Laurance : keyboards
ustin Stanton : trumpet – keyboards
Mike Maher : trumpet
Chris Bullock : saxophone

A unique concert in France at Django Reinhardt Festival!
Snarky Puppy is the spearhead of   today’s instrumental music. The band, guided by its  masterly conductor Michel League, also its composer, offers a varied palette: raw funk, sensitive dynamics, forceful melodies, lush harmonies and a delicate blend of original compositions and improvisations. Bass lines intertwine with brass with a precision and fluidity worthy of the  greatest masters of jazz and funk, the drums a fireworks display of technique, the guitare  sure to daze even  the most demanding ears. In about 10 years, Snarky Puppy received 2 Grammy Awards, achieved the highest sales in the jazz category on I-Tunes and registered by Billboard since 2004, and published no less than 11 albums, the last one being Culcha Vulcha in April 2016.

Last Album : Culcha vulcha (2016) / Decca Records / GroundUP Music LLC  / Universal Music

© DR