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End of the 37th edition : thanks to all !

Dear public and friends,

The 37th edition of the Django Reinhardt festival played its last notes on last Sunday 26th of June and it was a total success despite the adversity. 15 000 spectators just like the 2015 edition and it was not easy !

What a beautiful edition in 2016, gruelling, touching, charming, exceptional.

10 days ago, the future of the festival was at stake, after the flood of our Berceau Island, the historical and traditional location of the festival at Samois- Sur-Seine.

It can be overused and tiring to read the same and usual thank-you notes after an event like this one, but this time it is more than necessary to greet those who allowed us to survive in this incredible challenge of reinventing a festival in 2 weeks in a totally unknown place for us.

We would like to thank :

Frederic Valletoux, Mayor of Fontainebleau, for his precious help to solve the contraints which we had to deal with.

Jean-François Hébert, Director of the public institution of the Fontainebleau’s Castle for welcoming at the beautiful park of the Fontainebleau’s Castle and for granting us his total confidence.

Didier Maus, Mayor of Samois-Sur-Seine, who was at the festival every night to support us.

Jean-Marc Giraud, subprefect of Fontainebleau, who had no problem waking up at 2 in the morning and was able to provide the magic papers to the American autorities to ensure that Gregory Porter could take the last flight from Chicago and be present at the festival.

The artists for trusting us and offering so many émotions with their beautiful music.

The 250 volunteers of the festival. It is necessary to take a moment and realise that they are the biggest embassadors of live music, the most passionate, the most human. They always give their best and you cannot imagine what they gave for this 37th edition !

All the technical teams and suppliers who followed us in this crazy adventure and they have never lowered their arms.

The public who answered « We are here! ». They followed and joined us in this rollercoaster by sending us messages of goodwill, encouragement and support.

And finally, the journalists who kindly found a place in their media to inform the public of the new location of the festival and promote the exceptional programmation of this 37th edition.

And as our Programming Director likes to say « As long as we are not dead, we’re alive ! »

Thanks to you all !

See you next year for the 38th edition of the Django Reinhardt Festival !

The festival team