Jazz au théatre
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4th edition


19, 20 & 21 november 2015

▸ Agathe Jazz Quartet


▸ Kyle Eastwood Quintet


▸ Jon Boutellier Quartet


▸ Hugh Coltman


▸ Yaron Herman & Ziv Ravitz


▸ Sarah Mckenzie Quartet

Agathe Iracema


Agathe Iracema : vocals
Leonardo Montana : piano
Juan-Sebastien Jimenez : double bass

Pierre-Alain Tocanier : drums


Agathe Iracema is a Franco – Brazilian singer who was born and raised in Paris. Between modern arrangements of jazz standards and original compositions, the “Agatha Jazz Quartet” is a breath of fresh air on the landscape of French jazz music. After winning the Rezzo Jazz award at Vienne in 2011 and the Sunside Trophy, Agathe releases her first album this year on the Neukang/Harmonia Mundi label. She was helped by some of the best musicians : the trumpet master Nicolas Folmer and the legendary trombonist Fred Wesley. The album is called “Feeling Alive” and is a step into the big jazz league.

Kyle Eastwood Quintet 


Kyle Eastwood : bass, double bass
Chris Higginbottom : drums
Andrew Mccormack : piano
Quentin Colins : trumpet
Brandon Allen : saxophone


Kyle Eastwood, bass and double bass player, already registered five albums. The last one, “Timepieces”, was composed of covers of Herbie Hancock or Horace Silver and of personal compositions. Kyle Eastwood – “son of” [Clint Eastwood for those who don’t know] – pays a tribute to the finest musicians of jazz. His father Clint Eastwood passed on to him a passion of jazz music and the natural talent to share it. Kyle is part of a new generation who reinvents jazz while respecting the masters, always pushing the limits of his own universe in his search of a tradition that is claimed and renewed at the same time.

Generous, he offers us an inventive and sophisticated music, a warm and deep sound who goes straight to the heart and straight to the point. He tirelessly explores the possibility of his bass, a magic instrument that is both melodic and rhythmical.

Jon Boutellier Quartet


Franck Amsallem : piano
Géraud Portal : basse
Philip Maniez : batterie
Jon Boutellier : saxophone


The saxophonist Jon Boutellier multiplies collaborations and projects, brains of the quartet which rises, The Amazing Keystone Big Band. He also trains a quartet in the brilliant compositions, and in the contagious enthusiasm ! The succession is assured…

Hugh Coltman “Shadows – Songs of Nat King Cole”


Hugh Coltman : vocals
Thomas Naim : guitar
Gaël Rakotondrabe : piano
Laurent Vernerey :  double bass
Raphaël Chassin : drums


When he was a kid, his mother was crazy about Nat King Cole. The repertoire of the crooner, who disappeared fifty years ago, has a taste of Proust’s madeleine to Hugh Coltman. Classy rock dandy who has lived several lives (from the blues of his band The Hoax to the jazzy escapade with Eric Legnini), the singer with a not so crystalline voice knows better than anyone that a crooner is more than just a guy in an impeccable suit. Behind Nat King Cole’s hits is hidden the dark and tormented side of the singer of “Nature Boy”, a side that fascinates Hugh Coltman. In his spiritual and musical quest, the elegant Brit already contributed to pay his tribute to another voice vibrating with history(ies), the songwriter Nick Drake.

Yaron Herman « Everyday »


Yaron Herman : piano
Ziv Ravitz : drums


The first line of his discography was written with drummer Sylvain Ghio, in duet. The album was Takes 2 to Know 1. Twelve years later, Yaron Herman repeats the experience with his music partner Ziv Ravitz and for his seventh album, which is also the first one signed with Blue Note. In the meantime, the Israeli pianist achieved many things : he was awarded for the 2008 Victoire de la Musique and tirelessly developed numerous sound experiences. This former basket player doesn’t hesitate to do a balancing act between Gabriel Fauré and Britney Spears, a duet with Michel Portal and a quintet with trumpeter Avishai Cohen, tangled improvisations and coloured pop music. Result is : his concerts are like a good movie, full of twists and turns.

Sarah McKenzie


Sarah McKenzie : piano, vocals
Jo Caleb : guitar
Pierre Boussaguet : double bass
Gregory Hutchinson : drums


“Sarah McKenzie is a gem. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear this lady live !” This piece of advice was given by James Morrison, Australian jazz music star and fellow countryman of Sarah McKenzie. Graduated from the “West Australian Academy of Performing Arts”, winner of the ARIA award for the best jazz album (the Australian Grammy© ), Sarah McKenzie is a prophet in her own country. The 21th November at Jazz au Théâtre, you will discover a unique voice, an undeniable stage presence, beautiful covers of Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin or Shirler Horn, but also a real talent for compositions.