Jazz au théatre


Prairie du bois d’Hyver

Parc du château de Fontainebleau

© Nikola Cindric


7:30 PM

Mathias Lévy : violin      
Jean Philippe Viret : double bass               
Sebastien Giniaux : guitar, cello

He roamed the world, was awarded the grand Prix Stéphane Grappelli, joined many projects in as many different styles; he composed for the theatre and movies, and today Mathias Lévy pays tribute to Stéphane Grappelli. With the master’s violin, offering his talented and audacious new vision of jazz violin tradition. To accompany him, Jean-Philippe Viret, who once played double bass with Grappelli and Sebastien Giniaux, a master of manouche guitar and cello player. Together they will transcend and deconstruct in an off-beat way the pathsto a limitless, colourful palette of sounds.

Album : Revisiting Grappelli (2017)  / Jazz Family 


8:45 PM

Biréli Lagrène : guitar    
Stochelo Rosenberg : guitar        
William Brunard : double bass  

Three great jazzmen are meeting to offer you an original and gripping performance: Biréli Lagrène and his eerily intuitive style; Stochelo Rosenberg, all emotion and eloquent vibrato; William Brunard’s swing and groove. This string trio was brought together for the occasion, the better to serve music. Their wonderful repertoire, a mix of standards and original compositions will go to your head. A thrilling, unique musical project ; a must-hear!

© Jean Baptiste Millot (Biréli Lagrène)

© Joey Martinez 


10:30 PM

Line up to come

It’s becoming harder and harder to sum up Gary Clark Jr’s work. His musical realm is widening day by day, its boundaries blurring  a bit more by the hour.Clark embraces Rock music and R&B, Blues, Soul, Popmusic, Psychedelism and also Punk and Hip-hop music. He isa remarkable guitar player, a breathtaking composer and a moving singer. From the Rolling Stones, to Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, or Paul McCartney, all the greatest artists recognise how lucky they were to play with him. “The king of summer festivals” , as Rolling Stone Magazine named him, won over the heart of loyal listeners.

Last Album : Live North america 2016 (2017) / Warner Bros. Records Inc
New Single : Come together (2017) / Warner Bros. Records Inc