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Bus services to Paris

The bus service for Paris is back for this year’s edition of the Festival Django Reinhardt. The shuttles will leave every day from the festival, at the end of the last concert of the day except Sunday evening (the concerts finish at 22h30, just in time to get the train back to Paris) ! The bus stops are found in front of the festival entrance this year.

Reservations are necessary.

Stops : Port d’Orleans then Place du Chatelet (connection Noctiliens).

Payment by card on e-shop of the festival : www.festivaldjangoreinhardt.com/shop/

Payment by check : Send before the 30th June, to the order of Festival Django Reinhardt, 5 rue Victor Chevin, Samois-sur-Seine, 77920. To validate your reservation by check fill in the reservation document found here : http://eepurl.com/cGL3fX