Jazz au théatre


Many differents cookers will be present to treat your taste buds ! Sweet or salty, traditional cuisine or world cuisine, vegetarian or not, fruit juice or beer, everyone will find what he is looking for !

La Marocaine de Paris

Nawel is a caterer specialised in Moroccan gastronomy. He proposes you sweet and savory tajines, sandwiches made with grilled meat, Pastillas, Bricks, Honeycombs, fine pastry and mint tea. Try his home-made cooking, made with patience, fresh meat and vegetables.

Nawal rida chafi    –   3 villa bolero 75019 Paris    –    +33 (0)6 18 35 08 76   –    lamarocainedeparis@yahoo.fr


The concept of AFRICA MIAM is to propose typical and popular dishes of western Africa. It allowed to the initiated to find the African kitchen and its flavors such as they knew it in Africa, or to discover new dishes to learn more about the African gastronomy. All the dishes are prepared on-the-spot and only with fresh products (no frozen product). The food is varied with meat dishes and also vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. All of it for a reasonable price !

Indian Food Corner

Our food-truck offers Indian veggie food in Fontainebleau and its region.
We work for festivals, exhibitions, parties and other events…

Food Corner   –   Laetitia SHARMA    –   2 bis Chemin des Ecureuils, La Baraude    –   77140 Darvault
+33 (0)6 68 34 39 36    –    laetitiapaillard@hotmail.com

Le Kiosque à Jus

Fruits cocktails and soups and organic coffee.

Le Kiosque à Jus    –    Stéphane CHAUVET    –   166 rue des Charnelles 38340 Voreppe
+33 (0)6 81 52 75 61    –     lekiosqueajus@outlook.fr

La Piquotte

French pancakes.

La Piquotte   –   Route de Rochepaul 07320 Devesset    –   +33 (0)6 475 302 905

Les DouceSoeurs

A street coffee shop : local food, fair and bio products. Hot and iced drinks. A large choice of coffees, teas, chocolates and sweets.

Les DouceSoeures    –   06 99 22 50 47    –    laura.fouquier@hotmail.fr    –     www.facebook.com/LesDouceSoeurs


“Munchies rolls on the foodfusion trend with a japanese/egyptian universe as the origins of their founders.This unlikelyduo between two guys from the French cuisine, Sho and Jeremy will offer an healthy, seasonal and artisanal cuisine, with fresh and quality products.

Munchies    –   phone : 07 61 48 47 91    –    jeremy@paris-munchies.fr   –     http://paris-munchies.fr/

Casse Noisette

Taste a gourmet burger!
– Fresh and toasted bread
– Vegetables from the garden
– French Meat
– French cheese with raw milk
– Home fries

Casse Noisette –   Phone : 06 73 59 41 65 / 09 54 32 04 21  –    patafer@free.fr


Mandala’tarte teahouse.
Taste our sweet and bio specialties: raw pastry, cookies, muffins, kouign-amann, vegan and gluten-free cakes. Herbal teas bar.

Mandala’Tarte–   Phone : 06 27 04 08 03 –    peres.timothe@hotmail.fr

Ice Cream Truck

The Ice Cream Food Truck is an original ice cream concept craft on a Piaggio. Take a frosty break at the scooter with the famous ice cream “Thousand and One Ice” of the ice cream maker of Moret sur Loing. Without a doubt the best in the region.

Ice Cream Truck–   Phone : 06 51 96 04 03 –    gdbost@free.fr

Sarazine’s Django Cantina

Sarazine is a vintage Australian caravan specialising in food from around the world.As one of the first food trucks in Sydney Australia, we want to promote the virtues of the food truck concept, menu transparency and passion for food in France.
At festival Django we will be bringing our home made organic ingredients sourced mainly from local producers.
Come and find Sarazine’s “Django Cantina” and say hello if your looking for some laid back  Australian hospitality and feel free to ask questions about what it is your eating. We will be happy to hear your food stories too!
We will be serving Mexican tortillas of Pulled pork, grilled tuna ou beetroot Hummus , to satisfy your appetites.

Sarazine –   Phone : –  sarazine2508@gmail.com –   https://sarazinefoodtruck.wordpress.com – 22 rue d’Avon, Fontainebleau 77300

Le Mont Saint michel

Our specialties:
The ham on the bone cooked on a spit : served as a plate or sandwich
The hot camembert : cooked with its bacon deglazed with calvados and served hot in its box accompanied by fruit and bread apples
Stuffed potato : cream, cottage cheese, chives

Le Mont Saint Michel –   06 74 50 28 97-   fannyyz@hormail.fr