Jazz au théatre

Saturday July 8th

Prairie du bois d’Hyver

Parc du château de Fontainebleau

©Simon Pagé



Damien Levasseur: guitar, vocals

Charles Fréchette: guitar, vocals

Coline Rigot : violin

Jean-Baptiste Guerrier : bass

Jean Russel : bass, vocals

Winner of the Tremplin du Village des Luthiers 2016 contest, Tcha-Badjo is invited to play this year on the grand stage. With their two guitars, double bass and violin, this gypsy jazz group from Quebec and has been traveling for five years to unlikely places in the world with their caravan. Their lively, energetic music is influenced directly by Django Reinhardt and the American Jazz genre and their musical repertoire oscillates between old classical rearrangements and traditional pieces from Europe and the East. Tcha-Badjo is the festive spirit of a music who will make you smile and dance.

The album: Panamerica / Independent Label

©Simon Pagé



Robin Nolan : guitar

Kevin Nolan : guitare

Arnoud Van Den Berg : bass

To fuse the realm of Django Reinghardt with that of AC/DC, one must be daring! That is what the internationally known gypsy guitarist Robin Nolan and his guitar, “Djangus,” a diabolical gypsy guitar made in the style of the famous Gibson S.G. of Angus Young, proposes to do. His recent album “Sin City” moves to the grind of gypsy jazz anthems such as “Back in Black,” “Hells Bells” and “You Shook Me All Night Long,” interpreted solely on the acoustic guitar and double bass. The result is innovative, celebratory, and truly vibrant.  You will hear standards of Django Reinhardt’s jazz, gypsy jazz, swing, and Beatles hits mixed to the top tracks of AC/DC as you have never heard them played before!

The album: Sin City / Independent Label




Jean Luc Ponty : violin

Bireli Lagrène : guitar

Kyle Eastwood : bass and electric bass

The prodigious, intuitive playing of Bireli Lagrene; the sounds of Kyle Eastwood whose dexterity on the double bass does not cease to amaze, and the expert playing of Jean-Luc Ponty, inventor of the modern violin with an exceptional career in France (and later, the United States) : three great jazzmen have come together to give us a show that goes beyond the limits of the imagination in the redefining of the art of the string trio in a remarkable and head-spinning manner. 14 impeccable strings are anchored here in contemporary acoustics to give us an unrestrained jazz of lyricism and groove. It shall be one of the most exciting and promising music projects of the summer served up by the masters of the genre.



Dhafer Youssef : oud, vocals

Aaron Parks : piano

Matt Brewer : bass

Arthur Hnatek : drums

After the phenomenal success of his last album “Birds Requiem,” Dhafer Youssef, grand master of the oud and vocalist unequaled, returns to transcend the beautiful and strange with his new project “Diwan Of Beauty And Odd.” This child prodigy from Tunisia, a tireless explorer and prolific composer, brings with him the fine flair of New York jazzists and embarks us on a bewitching journey to hear his oriental influences groove to the heart of an urban New York sound that reconciles both the traditional and the contemporary. With his spiritual jazz, hypnotic and poignant, Dhafer carries us away.

The album: Diwan Of Beauty & Odd / OKeh / Sony Music

©Flavien Prioreau



Josh Holcomb : trombone

Daro Behroozi : tenor saxophone 

Joshua Gawel : trumpet

Raphael Buyo : soubassophone

Charles Sams : drums

It’s thanks to a South Amercian tourist who filmed them in the New York subway that we owe the discovery of this brass band. Ensues 4à millions views on youtube and a tremendous success for this combowho revisits the sandards of fynk, soul, hip hop and singles as diverse as Adele’s “Hello”, Ben E. King’ “Stand by me”, the Jackson 5’s “I want you back” or Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic”. This lovely band mixes the enregy of a rock group with the vitality of electro music with improbable mash ups and crazy rythmes. Their success was now moved froom the Big Apple and has conquered the old continent as one of the most captivating bands of their generation. Full concerts where ever they go !

The album: Diwan Of Beauty & Odd / OKeh / Sony Music