Jazz au théatre

Saturday July 1st

Opening Day in Django’s village

Place du village – Samois-sur-Seine

The 2017 Django Reinhardt Festival will open with an afternoon of free concerts dedicated to gypsy music and to Django Reinhardt’s memory, at the village center of Samois-sur-Seine, historical lococation of the festival.

A few guitar-markers will also be there such as Maurice Dupont, YL Cholet, Morgan Jordan Fleta, Jordan Wencek and Tribal sounds.

More information about the guitar-markers here!

For food and drinks, the following food stands will be there : Chez Nima, Indian Food Corner and La Marocaine de Paris

More information about the food stands here!

Alma Sinti Trio


Jean Claude Laudat : accordeon 

Jean Yves Dubanton : guitar and vocals

Samy Daussat : guitar

Alma Sinti Trio is a group of musicians who dedicate themselves to bring to life the spirit and sound of Patrick Saussois, his compositions, the songs that he loved and the “Gitano-Parisian” Swing that he stood by. On stage, three musicians who knew and worked with Saussois : Jean Claude Laudat on the accordeon, Jean Yves Dubanton on the guitar and vocals and Samy Daussat on the guitar.

Simba Baumgartner Trio


Simba Baumgartner : guitar

Julien Cattiaux : guitar

Fabricio Nicolas-Garcia : bass

 A young artist from Samois-sur-Seine and Django Reinhardt’s great-grand-son, Simba comes will introduce us to his music for the first time on our stage. Accompanied just for the event by Julien Cattiaux on the rhythm guitar and Fabricio Nicolas-Garcia on the double bass, Simba  will pay tribute to his elder, playing his most famous works; he will also show us his interpretation of Gypsy Jazz in the new year (2017) from a line-up of diverse influences. A talent worth following !



Nirina Rakotomavo : vocals / keyboard

Céline Boudier : vocals / small percussions

Cynthia Abraham : vocals / small percussions

Anissa Nehari : cajon / ocean drum- swaeli mbappé

Energized by their shared love of the music, Selkies is the result of three singers searching for their next new sound. Combining jazz, improvisational (improv) music and song, the group elaborates the voice in all its aspects, first with the harmonization of  their voices, then with the game of improv. By adding invented words in a refrain or a solo, Nirina, Celine, and Cynthia aim to communicate with each other in this new language that they create on stage. Through the chants of these free sirens, Selkies wishes to bring together the world and give jazz a new flavor.

Fapy Lafertin Quartet 


Fapy Lafertin : Guitar

Alexandre Tripodi : Violin 

Renaud Dardenne : Guitar

Cédric Raymond : Bass

For his brand new original project, Fapy Lafertin, figurehead of the gypsy guitar and a man who needs no introduction, has brought together a  group of Belgian musicians from the new generation including: Alexandre Tripodi on the violin, Renaud Dardenne on the guitar and Cedric Raymond on the double bass. Together, they’ll introduce us to a repertoire of music  where we are presented with not only gypsy swing, but also a bit of Brazilian choro, fado, and a few of the master’s own compositions … Fapy, who is known for the finesse of his interpretations, will also play the Portuguese guitar for the event.

Sanseverino & Adrien Moignard Quartet


Stéphane Sansévérino : guitar and vocals

Adrien Moignard : guitar

Mathieu Châtelain : guitar

Mathias Guerry : violin

Jérémie Arranger : bass

He has always been a lover of the Selmer guitar and he even sung about it in his “Michto la pompe!”

Originally from Italy, Stéphane Sanseverino travels with his family, from a very young age to the four corners of the world and thus discovering Bulgaria, New Zealand, Yugoslavia, Mexico, etc… Through these opportunitiers, he uncovers numerous styles of music and acquires a taste for shows. Back in Paris, this lover of Django Reinhardt, hangs around in the Place du Tertre and teaches himself guitar. His music, his melting-pot of swing, tzigane music and bluegrass, gives a certain a light and a characterizing verve to the simple themes of daily life. In 2003, he was rewarded with a Victoire de la Musique award, “Revelation Scene”. With songs of celebration, Sanseverino cultivates a taste for the Django-style jazz with a bit of swing in the stanzas, a bit of scat, quatrains, and the sound of the gouaille.

For his upcoming performance, he invited Adrien Moignard and his Quartet, a must-see performance! Adrien is a prodigy of the guitar whose persistence over the years has turned him into one of the new major figures of the style. A highly sought-after musician, nominated twice for the Grammy Awards, one may find him regularly beside great artists such as Bireli Lagrene, Cyrille Aimee, or even, Mike Stern. For this occasion, he makes up part of an original trio with Jeremie Arranger on the double bass and Mathieu Chatelain on the rhythm guitar; joining them also is violinist Mathias Guerry, expert on the playing of the Stephanie Grappelli style. For their performance, they are going to play their new album entitled “Live,” and for the star guest Stephane Sanseverino, they will render some of his most successful works: The Faux Talbins, How to Seduce a Married Woman…etc. A very beautiful night to come where the very vocal Sanseverino and his followers will continue to suprise us !