Jazz au théatre

Saturday July 7th

Prairie du bois d’Hyver

Parc du château de Fontainebleau

© Julien-Hay

Romain Vuillemin Quartet

4:30 PM

Romain Vuillemin : solo guitar, vocal   
Guillaume vocal, violin                
Stéphan Nguyen : rythmic  guitar             
Edouard Pennes : double bass

He was the winner of the 2017 instrument makers’ scene Contest: the Romain Vuillemin Quartet  will hit the big stage this year. They recorded their album Swinging in Paris in 2014. This album pays an hommage to Django Reinhardt as he played before the war. It finishes by the track Renouveau, a composition of Romain Vuillemin, which announces a new album : Why Not . More innovative and original, it will be another way to pays an hommage to Django and his music. Discover this quartet who perform with verve Gypsy jazz and reinvent the musical genre, this following Django’s step, and still adding some new ones.


Last Album :  Swinging In paris (2014) / LDC Studio
New Album : Why not, coming on summer 2018


5:30 PM

Hugh Coltman : vocal
Frédéric Couderc : clarinet / baritone
Jérôme Etcheberry : trumpet
Jerry Edwards : trombone
Didier Havet : sousaphone
Eric Sauviat : guitar
Gael Rakotondrabe : keyboards
Raphael Chassin : drums

Firstly leader of the british blues-rock band The Hoax, Hugh Coltman then turned to folk-pop songwriting .His mutation continued, leading him to record a successful crooner album Shadows, songs of Nat King Cole, which won the 2017 Victoire du Jazz contest as Voice of the Year ! Hugh Coltman is back with swinging drums, reminding you of New-Orleans’ famous funerals, soul-tinted brass instruments, guitars playing all kinds of folks and all kind of blues… Who’s happy ?, Coltman ‘s new album, is a gorgeous background for his warm voice, a  perfect path for him to lead us to emotional landscapes which he, as an expert in human feelings, draws for us. Who’s happy ? asks his album. No one and everyone, seems to be his answer…

Album : Who’s Happy (2018) / Okeh / La Planque & GiantSteps /  Sony Music

© Crista Rock

© Paul Nicholas / © Ima Garmendia / © Stefe Jiroflée / © Dominique Rimbault

Fapy Lafertin – Evan christopher Quartet

7:00 PM

Evan Christopher : clarinet
Fapy Lafertin : guitar
Dave Kelbie : rythmic guitar
Sebastien Girardot : doublebass

Fapy Lafertin and Evan Christopher join forces to give you a unique concert. Fapy Lafertin musical syntax and rhythmical print makes him Django’s rightful heir, and one of the masters of the style. What he’s looking for ? Balance between notes, and sound’s beauty . Evan Christopher is one of the best heralds of New-Orleans’ jazz, and a sensitive clarinettist. He makes the music of Django his own, with a sophisticated , clever, and innovative playing. Dave Kelbie is one of the most eminent rhythmical gypsy guitar player of his time. He became well-known on an international scale as the herald of Tzigane and Romany music. 


8:45 PM

Shabaka Hutchings : saxophone
Theon Cross : tuba
Eddie Hicks : drums
Tom Skinner : drums

Shabaka Hutchings, a talented saxophonist, is one of the revelations of the London jazz scene. He is the leader of the Sons of Kemet, an atypical band consisting of a tenor saxophonist, a tuba player and two drummers. With their third album, Your Queen is a Reptile, the band is playing with stylistic boundaries to celebrate how the Caribbean-based Caribbean diaspora continues to explore its identity. Musically, this new album borrows as much from New Orleans and London as the Caribbean or the Middle East. The elements of rap, spoken word or dub highlight the close links between jazz and hip hop.

New Album : Your Queen Is A Reptile (2018) / Impulse / Verve Label Group / Universal Music

© Pierrick Guidou

© Alexis Maryon


11:00 PM

Oluwa Seun Anikulapo-Kuti : alto saxophone, keyboards
Adedoyin Adefolarin : trumpet
Adebowale Osunnibu : baritone saxophone
Ojo Samuel David : tenor saxophone
Oladimeji Akinyele : trumpet       
Kunle Justice : bass           
Joy Opara : chorus, dance              
Iyabo Adeniran : chorus, dance  
David Obanyedo : lead guitar       
Oluwagbemiga Alade : guitar       
Shina Niran Abiodun : drums       
Kola Onasanya : giant conga         
Wale Toriola : percussion               
Okon Iyamba : shekere  

Seun Kuti, son of the legendary Fela Kuti, took over the lead of his father’s band, Egypt 80. He promotes the legacy if his father’s work all around the world. Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 recorded their fourth record, and probably the most passionate, the most accomplished, downright and authentic of their albums. Black Times brings back original Afrobeat through strong social and political messages. This music style is originally a jumble of Nigerian traditional music, Funk, Jazz and percussions. Here it is tainted with Hip-hop, Soul and Free jazz. The high-on-vitamin beat of his titles, the funky brasses, the hypnotic chants and the dialogs between instruments will take you away. No doubt the audience will shiver to the sound of this master of a saxophonist. No doubt it will be one energising and emotional concert.

New Album : Black Times (2018) / Strut Records / !K7 Label Group