Jazz au théatre


Openning day in Django’s Village 

Village Place – Samois-sur-Seine

The 2018 Django Reinhardt Festival will open with an afternoon of free concerts dedicated to gypsy music and to Django Reinhardt’s memory, at the village center of Samois-sur-Seine, historical lococation of the festival.
Come to the village center of Samois-sur-seine to celebrate the 50 years of the festival.
Some cookers and Instruments makers will be present during this day.



Gwen Cahue Trio

12:30 AM

Gwen Cahue à la guitare 
Joris Viquesnel : guitare
Julien Pinel : contrebasse

Gwen Cahue Trio presents his first album Django Standards! A rising figure in gypsy jazz, offers us a personal vision of acoustic “stringed” jazz mixing various influences : gypsy tradition to American jazz to classical sounds typical of his universe. Django Standardsis the fruit of a musical trip enriched by many meetings during international tours and recordings. From Django Reinhardt to Tom Jobim via Michel Petrucciani, the goal is as much to give tribute as to propose a personal vision of jazz standards.

Album : Django Standards (sortie prévue été 2018)

Romane et Eric Bouvelle Quintet

2:30 PM

Romane : guitar
Eric Bouvelle : accordion
Laurent Zeller : violin
Mathieu châtelain : guitar
Laurent Delaveau : double bass

Come and discover Allo Balthazar ?, and dive into the Paris of yesteryear.This album was born when Romane met Eric Bouvelle. The former, Django’s heir, has thoroughly reinvented manouche jazz . Jo Privat handed on the torch to the latter, who is now the world champion of accordion. Allo Balthazar ? invites you to a trip that blends swing music and waltz through a play list of standards peppered with original compositions by these two virtuosos. Accompanied by Mathieu Chatelain, Laurent Zeller and Laurent Delaveau, they deliver an outstanding performance, in line with the genuine tradition of the swing-waltz of old days Paris. Strings vibrate to the accordion while jazz and java slum it!

Last Album : Allo, Balthazar ?  (2017) / Frémeaux & Associés

Lollo Meier Group

4:30 PM

Lollo Meier : solo guitar
Bram van Es :
rhythm guitar     

Bert Smits : violin
Melvin Könings : double bass

For more than 20 years now, Lollo Meier, a specialist of Manouche jazz guitare, has been on the road A composer, conductor and arranger from a family of gypsy musicians, his aim is to take over from Django Reinhardt. His hallmark is a personal technique blending tradition, lyricism, and a merry sensitiveness. He reaches his audiences through a melodious touch that brings to life the music of the Hot Club de France as it was played 90 years ago. His new album, Anthology, is a treasure chest of emotional songs.

Last Album : Fleur Manouche (2012)
New Album : Anthology / out in spring/summer 2018

© Henk Hennuïn

© Alexandre Lacombe

Pierre Bertrand & Caja Negra

6:30 PM

Pierre Bertrand : saxophone       
Jean Yves Jung : Keyboard            
Gilles Coquard : double bass      
Minino Garay : drums   
Edouard Coquard : cajon              
Mathias Berchadsky : guitar        
Paloma Pradal : vocal   

Pierre Bertrand and Caja Negra: an atypical band endowed with their very own sound, whose motto boils down to energy, emotion , curiosity! Caja Negra’s second album Joy, released in 2016, brilliantly displays the wide range of Pierre Bertrand’s talent. A jazz saxophone player and composer, Pierre and his band offer a very ambitious stage performance. Their album was awarded the Victoire du Jazz for best album in the “unclassifiable album of the year 2017” -category.

Last Album : Joy (2016) / Cristal Publishing / Harmonia Mundi

Samson Schmitt, Mayo Hubert, Claudius Dupont invite Dorado Schmitt

8:45 PM

Samson Schmitt : solo guitar
Mayo Hubert : solo guitar
Claudius Dupont : double bass
Dorado Schmitt : guitar / violin 

Four luminaries of Manouche jazz music have got together to offer you a new and very special show: guitarist and cello player Dorado Schmitt, a star of gypsy jazz whose outstanding virtuosity has bemused audiences; Samson Schmitt, his son, composer, six-string guitar duelist, full of talent and a herald of the “Eastern style”; Mayo Hubert, a seasoned soloist, whose formidable right hand has made him a much sought-after accompanist with a style that rings a bell called Tchavolo…; Claudius Dupont on double bass is an ambassador of the “Alsatian style” who for many years shared the stage with Tchavelo and Sami Beausat, and will offer you his generous swing.

© Bernard Rie Photographies / © Ph.Polo