Jazz au théatre

The instrument markers’ village

« For many years now, the festival has helped young talents and new groups to show their project on the Instrument Makers’ Village stage. This springboard was created to highlight the new promising kids on the block, so they could play between the concerts of the main stage: a showcase offering to those bands a good exposure, and offering to one of them the chance to play on the main stage the next year! You will discover during 4 days about 15 of those new talents, who will be accompanied by a high qualified rhythmic section.

This event is supported by the string maker Savarez, and the bars La Taverne de Cluny and Aux Petits Joueurs (both Parisian jazz clubs displaying those groups in their programming all year long).»

The Instrument Makers are the soul of the festival and once again this year 17 of them will do us the honor to being presents in the Instrument Makers’ Village. They have been providing a strong and sincere support to the festival for 50 years !
Discover, in this real dedicated space to the Gypsy Jazz, these enthusiastic people, who are delighted to share their know-how and their music. Professional musician or amateur, your are welcome to discuss, share and play music !

After ten years of experience in the guitar-making craft, Gérard Alonso and Fabian le Dosseur created together the Alonso – le Dosseur workshop. They both studied at the Guild Hall University of London. Both are guitar-making and gypsy jazz lovers, which is why they decided to reproduce the Django Reinhardt’s famous guitar.

17 quai Gustave Flaubert 76380 Croisset    –    Phone : +33 2 35 08 18 22    –    info@aldguitares.com

AJL Guitars are handmade and first class gypsy guitars, famous and sold around the world. They are made according to a traditional craft in Europe with European timbers by the Master guitar-maker Ari-Jukka Luomaranta. His XO model is famous for being the closest to the Selmer guitars. He also uses new technologies and research to recreate the same molecular structure as the one of old wood. AJ also has expertise in Brazilian rosewood (Rio rosewood). The timbers used and coming from the pre-convention stocks are approved by the CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), and a CITES certificate is given with each Brazilian rosewood guitar sold.

AJ makes :

▸ Rosette style Selmer models 14 et 12 fret
▸ D-Rosette style Maccaferri models 12 & 14 fret, also with résonator.
▸ Modèles Gypsy-Fire (Taille Favino) ovale & D-Rosette
▸ 17 “Archtop
▸ 19 “Master 400 archtop.
▸ “Swingmaster” handmade microphones

AJ also produces tours, concerts and C.Ds with Europeans gypsy guitar players and his own band Hot club de Finlande. He’s been touring throughout Europe for a while now.

Korpintie 61, 67600 Kokkola, Finland    –    Phone : +358 40 5071383   –   aj@ajl-guitars.com

It’s in the middle of the vineyards of Frontonnais, in Haute-Garonne, that the guitar making workshop Echo of Artists established itself.

Three enthusiasts decided to work together, and dedicate their expertise to musical instruments making, endowed with exceptional acoustic qualities, a maximum of stability, and a comfort of play which will mix your inspiration to the acoustic power and character of our guitars.

We select our wood in places the most convenient to guitar making, whether it is from Canada or Europe, the purpose being the combination of the esthetics of essences to the acoustic quality which we value.

We have adapted our guitars with “Sound Port”, which is an opening on splint to take fully advantage of the acoustic qualities while protecting the projection of the instrument due to a barrier planned for that purpose.

Guitars, guitars and … more guitars.
I will be there and so will you, what more can we say, come to try them!

FB Lutherie -Ancienne école 11240 Monthaut  – Phone –  07 77 04 02 10 – fblutherie@gmail.com –  http://www.fblutherie.com/ www.facebook.com/francoisbaudemont

“What if the work accomplished until now had been done only to serve the technique… to abolish its ties, yes, but… the matter remains subtle, and only reveals itself when touched, smelled and felt. Through the smell, the eyes, with the hands, and then the ears as a final judge. It is necessary to stay sharp in order to create this precious alchemy, to merge the senses… Then may we hope that this surprising mixing will give tangible form to the imagined instrument .”

284, Route de la Frette 38510 Saint-Sorlin de Morestel    –    Mobile : 06 03 32 58 69   –    Phone : 04 74 88 02 74


For each music, for each ear, for each feel, is a suitable guitar. The youngest guitar-maker of France will have the pleasure to present his work to you, and maybe to give you some advice about your own guitar.

14, rue des Paquis 55000 Bar-Le-Duc     –    Mobile : +33 (0) 6 79 46 84 85     –    jordanwencek@hotmail.fr

Since I am a guitar player first, I can understand the various needs of a musician; that’s why each one of my guitars is customizable both from the point of view of the playability and the exterior look. This is because I think that the musician has not to adapt to the instrument, but the instrument has to meet the needs of the guitar player.
Besides bringing something apparently dead – the wood – back to life, I believe that the most beautiful thing about building guitars is the fact that I use different kind of woods coming from all over the world, each one with its own special tone and exterior features. It is like joining together different peoples with different colors and languages and getting them speak all together a unique language: the language of music.

Via XXIV Maggio, 33/ 31027 Spresiano-TV Italie – +39 (0) 348 0424 03 – info@maurofreschiguitars.com www.maurofreschiguitars.com

Morgan Jordan Fleta, stringed-instrument maker of the String quartet, settled his workshop in Fontainebleau in 2013. After a 3 year-training at the Newark Violin School in England and obtaining of his diploma, he worked with several stringed-instrument makers. An enriching 5 year experience within a workshop on rue de Rome in Paris consolidates his career and his wish to create a new business start-up. String-instrument maker of “closeness”, he offers complete services for all musicians of the String quartet: manufacturing, restoration, maintenance, regulations, sale and rent … The Jordan Fleta workshop also offers advice and services for the musician and the instrument.

10 rue François Millet / 77300 Fontainebleau – / jordanfleta.luthier@gmail.com


“The magic happens through meetings…”

Philippe Cattiaux settled down in the Dordogne region and opened his guitar-making workshop in 2012, after many years of experience in France and abroad. His instruments are the result of a long and meticulous search, and a continuous quest to optimise the quality of the sound of his creations.

“I will be on the island for the third consecutive year. I can’t wait to share with you my latest creations! “

24150 Couze Saint Front  –   Mobile : +33 (0)6 37 02 29 11 – Phone : +33 (0)5 53 23 85 44


Guitars for Sir, violins for Madam …

Present at the festival since 2009, Yohann and Laëtitia Cholet make and restore in by hand and in the respect of traditions.

Both graduated with high regards from the “Newark and Sherwood” School (United Kingdom) in 2005. They opened their workshop in 2008 and build up a reputation based on the respect of the musicians’ wishes and their demand for high quality.

Yohann et Laëtitia Cholet – 7 rue du Bignon 72310 La Chapelle Gaugain  – Phone – 02 43 35 05 08/06 73 04 62 30 – contact@ylcholet-luthier.com http://www.ylcholet-luthier.com

Based since 2006 in Valence en Brie, a small village near Samois-sur-Seine, Cyril Gaffiero is specialized in the manufacture, repair and setting of Selmer type jazz guitars. Passionate about music since childhood, he grew up listening to his father’s Django Reinhardt vinyl records, and then he started playing guitar as a teenager. He begins to modify, dismantle, customize his first guitars. His meeting with gypsy jazz guitarists in 2003 gave him the desire to make his first manouche guitar, then to create his own violin lutherie shop. Now, Cyril designs guitars in the tradition of Selmer guitars, while wanting to make unique instruments in their design and their sound, by varying the wood species used, and the manufacturing techniques, and especially listen the needs of musicians. Since 2014, he collaborates with the Manouchepicks pickers who will also be present on his stand.

Cyril Gaffiero  – 15 rue Emile Parquet, Valence en Brie    –    Phone    –    06 21 38 00 30    –    contact@cyrilgaffiero.fr   –    http://www.cyrilgaffiero.fr

Tribal Sounds is a world music instrument maker and especially Tongue Drum: a metal, percussive and melodic instrument, with soft and sensual tones which we call Zagdrum.  You can discover the Zagdrum here : www.zagdrum.com. But also many sound oddities of tribal or ethnic connotations, found at craftsmen of diverse regions of the globe.  I invite you to come, observe, listen and try traditional and atypical instruments such as:

– Didgeridoo, a very old wind instrument of Australian aboriginal origin.

And many other curiosities of any horizon, such as a thunder box, a nose whistle from Amazonia, a Bérimbao, rainstiks, the Hand pan…

As musician, Johann had the opportunity to desmonstrate on stage many of these instruments in all of France and parts of Europe, and to intervene in the musical awakening of young ones, that is why he attaches a lot of importance to the good fonctioning of every instrument that he presents, whatever its price or its origin!

Whether you are an amateur, a professional, a music therapist or simply curious … Welcome!

Johann / Tribal Sounds / Zagdrum    –     5 rue Moque Souris 77760 URY   

Phone : +33 6 87 99 93 85

William sells instruments coming from all around the world, most of them are ethnic and traditional instruments. He has a 250 references from about 50 countries of the 5 continents. String instruments, percussions, wind instruments, from the Brazilian berimbao to the Bolivian charango, from the Ghanian kplango to the Trinidadian steel drum, from the Vietnamese pi-joon flute to the Tibetan horn.

He is always looking for new instruments and old pieces to refurbish, his first goal when he travels has always been to discover uncommon and traditional instruments of the region he is visiting.

he developed an important network in the world of ethnic instrument making, which enables him to display new treasures every year. 
Children, adults, professionals, amateurs: everyone is welcome to visit his interactive shop and to marvel at his instruments. And of course, to try them with respect.

Wago Percussion – Le Bourg 81330 Lacaze    –  Phone : +33 (06) 22 85 13 24 –   wagof2002@yahoo.fr – http://wagof2002.wixsite.com