Jazz au théatre


Prairie du bois d’Hyver

Parc du château de Fontainebleau

© Frank Loriou


7:30 PM

Sanseverino : vocal, guitar         
Marko Balland : harmonica         
Stephane Huchard : drums          
Christophe Cravero : organ, violin

For the last 20 years, Senseverino has offered his audiences goofy, breathtaking performances, inspired by gypsy music, the soul of manouche jazz, as well as electric music trends from the 40’s and 50’s, from Django to Zappa. He introduces his latest album, Montreuil/Memphis, after a sold-out concert at Le Bataclan in Paris. Sanseverino is back to guitar-infused electric blues ! And you will find his composing skills are intact when he conveys in a humorous , off-beat style autobiographical chapters of his very life.

Album : Montreuil – Memphis (2017) / Columbia / Sony Music Entertainement

Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles

8:45 PM

Cory Henry : vocal, keyboards, Organ
Nick Semrad : keyboards
Adam Agati : guitar
Sharay Reed : bass
Taron Lockett : drum
Denise Stoudmire : vocal
Tiffany Stevenson : vocal

Cory Henry, former keyboard of the Snarky Puppy, is the rising star of organ playing . He is here to introduce his first album recorded with his band, The Funk Apostles. Chapter 1: The Art of Love is a finely polished creative jewel. Cory Henry and his outstanding musicians mix up an intoxicating brew exhaling fumes of blues, soul, R&B, Afrobeat, Gospel and jazz. The resulting sound is both futuristic and retro, experimental and classic, and undoubtedly the production of one of the most creative minds in contemporary music. From an accomplished composer and band leader.

New Album : Chapter 1 : The Art of Love (2018) / Loop production

© DR


10:30 PM

George Benson : vocal, guitar
Stanley Banks : bass
David Garfield : md, keyboards
Thom Hall : keyboards
Michael O’Neill : guitar, vocals
Khari Parker : drums
Lilliana de los Reyes : percussion, vocals

Regarding genre-mixing, musical eclecticism and ambitious experimentation, George Benson has neve done things by halves. More than 5O years after he first tuned his voice to the sound of his guitar, he is still roaming the world, guitar in hand, at a pace of about a hundred concerts per year! This icon of hard-bop guitar, who also lent his voice to such pop hits as Give me the Night and Turn Your Love Around , was once Miles Davis travelling companion and remains a major figure in the world of jazz. But he has more than one string to his….guitar! Among them R’n’B, rock, pop, the rhythms of funk and soul. Having pocketed 10 Grammy Awards, George Benson remains highly unpredictable, in the direct wake of Wes Montgomery’s craftsmanship. Success knocked again with Guitar Man, his 35th album released in 2011, before Inspiration, a tribute to Nat King Cole