Jazz au théatre

Friday june 28th



7.30 PM

Camil Arcarazo

Hugo Guezbar

Simba Baumgartner

Justin Geisler

Vincent Albrecht

This group of young European artists who met on the Festival offers us their vision of gypsy jazz in 2019.

The Django Reinhardt festival is a must for all those who want to honor and share the musical legacy of the 1st guitar hero.

Throughout the jam sessions friendships are born, projects are created.

Years after years of young artists that we used to meet at the luthiers’ booths and campsite jams assert themselves to finally offer their vision of gypsy jazz in 2019, a collective of artists from all over Europe: DJANGO LEGACY!




8.45 PM

Steeve Laffont: Lead Guitar

Rudy Rabuffetti: Guitar

Claudius Dupont: Double Bass

Costel Nitescu: violIn

Steeve Laffont, phenomenon of the gypsy guitar, rising star of this kind which does not decrease, gained in insurance. His collaboration with the virtuoso violinist Costel Nitescu will be sublimated, between depth of his gypsy heritage and the sunny rhythms of the Catalan country, the new project of Steeve orchestrates a surprising fusion in the world of the guitar.

Last Album: “Night in Corsica” (2019) /Cristal Records (Sony Music)

Christian Escoudé

10.30 PM

Django, les Inédits 

Christian Escoudé: Leas Guitar

Jean-Baptiste Laya: Guitar

Antoine Hervier: Hammond Organ/ Piano

Guillaume Souriau: Double Bass

Stephy Haik: Vocals

Christian had the passion for Django and guitar from an early age thanks to his gypsy father.

In 1978, he recorded with the quartet of John Lewis and also plays with Stan Getz, Bill Evans, Philly Joe Jones, Freddie Hubbard or Elvin Jones. In 1980, he toured the United States, Brazil and Japan with John McLaughlin.

Christian Escoudé continued his career with a duet in 1983, with Didier Lockwood becoming a trio with Philip Catherine. Then, in 1985, he formed the “Gipsy Trio” with Boulou Ferré and Babik Reinhardt. In 1991, he recorded eleven compositions by Django Reinhardt and in 1998, “A Suite for Gypsies”, dedicated to the memory of the Gypsy children who died in the concentration camps. In 2003, he will create a big band with 17 musicians, on the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Django Reinhardt, before forming in 2004, the “New Gypsy Trio” with three guitarists who bring novelty without forget about his musical influences. Today there are fifty albums that Christian Escoudé composed or which he participated in the recording.

His latest album features unpublished compositions by Django Reinhardt accompanied by Stephy Haik’ sining interpretations.

Last Album: “Andalousie” (2010) /Cristal Records (Sony Music)