Jazz au théatre



7.00 PM

The meeting of this big band with Romane, one of the soloists to whom we owe in particular the revival of the Gypsy guitar (founder of the only Manouche Jazz School in Paris and Fontainebleau) is a real”coup de maître” and especially for this repertoire of the “SwingEra”that had never . been played so far with a guitarist in this style.

This is the unprecedented fusion of two popular musical cultures that have marked the music of the twentieth century. The musicality and timeless talent of Romane is wonderful and the result is a mutual stimulation between the orchestra, its soloists and the guitarist!

Last album : “Live en Mer”

©Gilles Tondini

Lead guitar:ROMANE

Conductor, arranger:Marc RICHARD

Double bass:Gilles CHEVAUCHERIE

Drums:Michel SENAMAUD

Rhythm guitar:Enzo MUCCI

Piano:Jacques SCHNECK

Saxophones:Marc RICHARD, Gérard MEISSONNIER, Nicolas MONTIER, Pierre-Louis CAS, Philippe CHAGNE

Trombones:Patrick BACQUEVILLE, Pierre GUIQUERO, Jean-Pierre DUMONTIER



Mayra Andrade


Mayra Andrade : Voice 
Tiss Rodriguez : Drums / percussion
Swaéli Mbappé : Bass
Nicolas Vella : Keyboards
Euclides Gomes : Guitar

Cape Verdean creole, English and Portuguese, Mayra Andrade carry us away in a warm, adventurous and unpredictable movement. Mayra’s pop spans the world’s entire vast sweep from Western romanticism to Southern sensuality, and domestic reggae to African 3/4 time. It is topical, tropical, traveling pop.Her aim was simply to make «music that reflected my life».

Mayra’s next album Manga, in Creole and Portuguese, brings together the sounds of modern African music from the continent (it was recorded in Abidjan  and Paris) with her Cape-Verdean roots. It features Kim Alves, the famous Cape-Verdean multi instrumentalist, along with a new generation of West African musicians, with the producer2B from Ivory Coast overlooking it all.

Last album : “Manga” (2019)/ Columbia Records

Maravillas de Mali

9.45 PM

Manolito Simonet: Arrangement and Piano

Boncana Maiga: Conductor

Jospinto: Voice, Juancito Hurtado: Voice, David Reicer Bencomo Guedes: Flute, Eduardo Coma: violin, Armando Garcia Fernandez: Violin, Reicel Pedroso Diaz: Violin, Nahomi Stephany Guerra Mayan: Viola, Inor Sotolongo: Congas,  Abraham Mansfarroll: Timbales, Sergio Fernandez Pedroza: Piano, Felipe Cabrera Cardenas: Bass

In 1964, the Cuban government invited ten young musicians from Mali to study in Havana. The early Sixties was a period of «Communist» friendships between the Africa of independence and the revolutionary Cuba of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. And in the middle of the Cold War, these young people spent seven years studying music in Cuba, marking the beginning of an adventure for Las Maravillas de Mali, the only group singing in Spanish, Bambara and French.

They didn’t know it then, but they would define the first broad outlines of what is today called World Music.

In 1999, the French producer Richard Minier learned of the story and decided on the renaissance of Las Maravillas de Mali. Together, Minier and the group’s remaining survivor, Boncana Maïga, retraced the group’s steps and went to Havana on several occasions, re-recording new versions of the album’s songs in the same surroundings as before, the legendary Egrem studios.

Last releases :Digital EP” Rendez – Vous Chez Fatimata” (2018) ; Album “Maravillas de Mali” / Decca/Universal.

©Richard Holstein

@Micky Clement

Jupiter & Okwess

11.20 PM

Jupiter Bokondji Ilola: Vocals/ Tam-tam

Yende Balamba Bongongo: Vocals/ Bass

Blaise Sewika Boyite: Vocals/ shakers/ Tools

Richard Kabambga Kasonga: Lead Guitar 

Eric Malu-Malu-Muginda: Guitar

Montana Kinunu Ntunu: Drums

With their second album “Kin Sonic”, Jupiter and Okwess transcend the Congo’s unexplored musical heritage and dive into a pool of modernity.We’re invited to savour his latest recipe, the Okwess(‘food’ in the Kibunda language) which is the fruit of all the encounters and influences he has absorbed during his many journeys around the world.

It’s a recipe based on perfect alchemy, enriched by contributions fromDamon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz, violinist Warren Ellis of Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds and Robert del Naja, aka ‘3D’, of Massive Attack.

Last releases : “Kin Sonic” (2017) / Glitterbeat Records