Jazz au théatre

Friday July 7th

Prairie du bois d’Hyver

Parc du château de Fontainebleau



Jamie Saft : piano, keyboard

Brad Christopher Jones : bass

Dan Rieser : drums

An improv artist endowed with a fabulous and unique vocal technique, an iconoclast explorer, a minimalist and a colorist, the South Korean singer Youn Sun Nah is becoming a fondamental figure in the present world of vocal jazz. In her new album “She Moves On” coming out this spring, Youn Sun Nah turns to American music and surrounds herself with artists also as uniquely talented as she. With reprises by Joni Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix, Paul Simon and Lou Reed, and with such a varied repertoire borrowing influences from folk rock rhythms, Youn Sun Nah carefully selects her sounds to magnify her voice and create thousands of strange nuances.

Album : She Moves On / ACT / Harmonia Mundi



Stochelo Rosenberg, Hono Winterstein,  Adrien Moignard, Rocky Gresset : guitars

 Mathias Lévy : violon

William Brunard : bass

« Django », with 8 nominations, is the musical film event of the spring. In 1943, during the German occupation, Django Reinhardt, a real “guitar hero,” is at the height of his art. In this considerable period, he remained an exceptional musician who resisted with his music and his humor, and sought to approach musical perfection. A film by Etienne Comar, this film sees Stochelo Rosenberg’s signing 4 original titles and musical arrangements by Django. As for Hono Winterstein, he assumed the role of Django’s brother and offered the rights to this biopic. A unique concert to bring the spirit of Django to life with the prestigious guitarists who participated in the film.

Film : Django / Pathé Distribution

Coming out the 26th of  April 2017



Larry Graham : bass, lead vocals

Wilton “Fab” Rabb : guitar, vocals

Jimi “Joy” McKinney : keyboard, horns, vocals

Dave “City” Council : organ, keyboard, vocals

Brian “Rio” Braziel : drums

Ashling “Biscuit” Cole : co-lead vocals and funk-box

Tina Graham : vocals

A well-known Soul-Funk figure, Larry Graham, founder of the renowned Sly And The Family Stone and later, Graham Central Station, has revolutionized the genre with his famed “slap bass” playing technique of which he is credited as the inventor, and his two groups responsible for the cool funk and groove that marked the 1970s. The ‘80s had forgot Graham but thanks to Prince, a fan of the splendid Graham Central Station, who created a royal path using the percussion, drums and bass in his album, the “Kid of Minneapolis” carried Larry Graham to a legendary status as they toured together for 10 years. With his flipped bass solos and his formidable deep-funk, Big Larry has influenced many a number of musicians and reignited the burning flame of the ‘70s.

The album : Coffret réédition (Now Do U Wanta Dance – My Radio Sure Sounds Good To Me – Star Walk) / Cherry Red