Jazz au théatre




7.30 PM

Lead Guitar : Gwen Cahue
Rhythmic guitar : Julien Cattiaux 
Double bass : William Brunard
Violon : Bastien Ribot 

After a ten year career in the Gypsy music genre where he played with the greatest, Gwen Cahue offers us his interpretation of a mixed influenced repertoire. From Django Reinhardt to Michel Petrucciani or Tom Jobim, the goal is as much to pay tribute as to share his personal proofreading of jazz standards.

Surrounded by Julien Cattiaux (rhythmic guitar) and William Brunard (double bass), long-time friends, he released his first album “Memories of Paris” (Label West, 2019).

For this great event, the group invites Bastien Ribot, a renowned violinist from the French jazz scene to join them!

Last album release: “Memories of Paris” (2019) / Label ouest


8.45 PM

Delvon Lamarr: Organ
Jimmy James: Guitar
Doug Port: Drums

After years of playing in bands that inevitably fell apart, as bands so often do, keyboard player Delvon Lamarr landed in a different kind of group: one founded by his wife and manager, Amy Novo. She created the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio so her husband could fully focus on the things he does best: writing and playing music.
With a deep soul backbone augmented by jazz, rhythm & blues and rock ’n’ roll, the Seattle trio evokes a classic instrumental sound with a fresh, virtuosic sensibility all its own on debut LP Close But No Cigar.

Last album release: “Close but no Cigar” (2018) / Colemine Records


©Jan Kohlrusch


10.30 PM

Parov Stelar: Programming
Elena Karafizi: Vocals
Lee Anduze: Vocals
Sebastian Grimus: Saxophone
Marc Osterer: Trumpet
Jakob Mayr: Trombone
Michael Wittner: Guitar/Bass
Willie Larsson Jr. : Drums


Marcus Fuereder, better known by his stage name Parov Stelar, is Austrias internationally most successful artist. He is called the founder of ‘Electro Swing’ and his band, the Parov Stelar Band, is in heavy request all over the world. His music is the soundtrack for numerous movies, TV shows and ads. Already his first release, the EP Kiss Kiss, and the following album Rough Cuts in 2004 provided him an immediate breakthrough in the international electronic music scene.

His unique sound, his specific approach to music production and the unorthodox combination of musical genres soon made him the star of an uprising scene. As a hunter and collector of great samples, Parov Stelar has proven his ability to transform raw diamonds into musical gems.

Last album release: The Burning Spider (2017)/ Etage noir recordings

Last Single: Gringo (2019)/ Etage noir recordings